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Tis the season for Expos

February 18th, 2015

I have not been keeping up with all the “Bridal and Wedding” Expos the past two years, but this year I AM!! I have done one so far and have two more on my schedule for this year. Expos are hard to do with a one woman shop. I mean, I want to talk to everybody, but sometimes the pace of people coming through is so much that I don’t get to. But I at least hope they have a good experience going into my booth and having a memory of their day.

Photo Booths are not one of the first things to be booked for a wedding, although I wish they were. My job at an expo is to show the bride or groom how fun they can be and how much fun their guests would have in one at THEIR wedding. It is a great favor to hand out and you know, not everybody likes to dance, so it gives those guests a fun something to do.

I hope these Expos pan out and I get some bookings. It is a gamble sometimes, because you don’t know what the crowd is going to be like. Fingers crossed that the next two will be GREAT!!

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