abcabcabc Blog and pictures from photo booth events | ForgetMeNot - Part 2

Snow Day

January 23rd, 2016

Snow days, Snow days…sometimes they can be a pain, but sometimes they can be productive. For instance, this weekend we are pretty much snowed/iced in here in NC. So I got to work. I cleaned out 3 drawers in the kitchen and worked on 3 backgrounds for a birthday I have coming up on Sunday. I emailed lots of brides from the wedding expo I was in at the beginning of the year. Speaking of which, it was my best one yet. So many brides came by to visit and get their picture taken. It was a successful 2 days. I’ve already booked about 4 brides from it and hopefully more to come. Sooooo, snow days are lazy, BUT can be productive if you put your mind to it.

Christmas pricing

December 14th, 2015

So why when you call a caterer or a photo booth are prices MORE expensive on the day OF the holiday?? Good question I say. I often wondered that until I started my own company and now I get it. It is because these people are taking time AWAY from THEIR family and friends to provide a service for YOU. That comes with a cost. I was just asked about doing a New Years Party and I was talking to my husband about it. I asked what can I say to my customer who asks about the party when all my pricing is listed on my website.  Well, just tell them the truth. I am leaving my friends and family to provide this service and experience to you and your friends. 3, 2, 1…..When the bells ring and everybody is kissing everybody else and I am standing in the corner smiling, but with a heavy heart missing my husband and son. Atleast, hopefully the little extra we get for doing this will carry us through.

Holiday Season is here

November 10th, 2015

So the holidays are pretty much here. It’s not too much longer till Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  Let me give you some ideas about having the photo booth at your workplace. First, it is a REALLY fun activity to have for break time. Second, when customers or clients come in, they can get a fun picture too. But wait…. the picture can have YOUR logo and YOUR information on the picture. They will put their picture up on their refrigerator and have YOUR information there forever. Just a few ideas to boost your clients happiness.

Fall is here

October 13th, 2015

With fall here and leaves changing, the colors outside are just beautiful. Fall is a perfect time to have a wedding, in my opinion. Does it matter that my wedding was in October?? Oh well, the stores are full of beautiful decorations with oranges, greens, reds and yellows. If you are thinking of having a “barn” wedding or “rustic” wedding, I think the stores are just full of things to buy. A photo booth would also be a fantastic add on to that “rustic” wedding too. The colors that you can incorporate into a picture, will just make it pop. Happy Fall Y’all!!

School’s in

August 20th, 2015

Well, it has come to that time where summer is coming to an end and school will be back in session. I am sad to see it go. I enjoy spending time with my son, Hunter, during the summer just chilling out. But as school gets back in gear I start to think about all the school dances and Homecomings that will be coming up. Having a photo booth at a homecoming is so much fun. You can jump into the booth with your best buddy from years ago and have a memory that will last a lifetime. I do love the regular photographers that take the formal pictures of people in front of a backdrop and all. They are cool and fun. BUT, a photo booth is just a different kind of experience for people. I mean, who gets to dress up in funny hats and glasses and make funny faces in front of a camera. Like are we 10 again??? I say YES, we are for the moment. Enjoy it!!!!

Summer time weddings

July 1st, 2015

Well, it is summer time!! YEA!!!!  I love the nice weather, although the Hot, Hot temperatures can back off. There is nothing worse than to see your guests sitting in a seat, in the hot sun, waiting for you to come down the isle. Poor grandma fanning herself with no avail b/c it is sooooo hot. Why not rent a tent to cover your guests and make everybody more comfortable.  I’ve seen brides ponder if they should rent a tent for rain, but why not rent a tent just b/c it will be so HOT!! That way you are covered for rain AND heat!! Just a thought…

March Madness and Wedding Dresses

March 21st, 2015

So, March is all about basketball right?? Well, yes it is. I can do without it to tell you the truth. But all the excitement is really fun. Can I tell you about my excitement I’ve had this month, especially with one event? It was the Brides Against Breast Cancer Expo in Downtown Raleigh. The particular event I was at sold 26 dresses and raised over $23,000 dollars. This money funds over 400 hours of free support for people impacted by breast cancer. Click Here, Here and Here to watch news stories on it. It was such a great event. Here are two brides who said “Yes to the Dress”!!0022 (2)0059

Tis the season for Expos

February 18th, 2015

I have not been keeping up with all the “Bridal and Wedding” Expos the past two years, but this year I AM!! I have done one so far and have two more on my schedule for this year. Expos are hard to do with a one woman shop. I mean, I want to talk to everybody, but sometimes the pace of people coming through is so much that I don’t get to. But I at least hope they have a good experience going into my booth and having a memory of their day.

Photo Booths are not one of the first things to be booked for a wedding, although I wish they were. My job at an expo is to show the bride or groom how fun they can be and how much fun their guests would have in one at THEIR wedding. It is a great favor to hand out and you know, not everybody likes to dance, so it gives those guests a fun something to do.

I hope these Expos pan out and I get some bookings. It is a gamble sometimes, because you don’t know what the crowd is going to be like. Fingers crossed that the next two will be GREAT!!

Networking in business

January 13th, 2015

Are you a part of a networking group? I have just joined a Women In Networking group. I was part of a group before, and had to leave to go back to teaching, but now I am involved again. Let me tell you something… it is so inspiring. You can not leave a meeting in a bad mood or not ready to dive into your business to get things done. Women helping women is so inspiring. We are, by nature, nurturers and helpers, and if somebody is having an issue or a problem, we are all there to help.  These ladies are incredible business owners, mothers, community leaders and friends. Very inspiring. Get involved today!!

Holiday Season is Over :(

January 6th, 2015

Well, now that the holiday season is over and all the decorations have been put away, it is time to get back to reality. I just drove my son to school this morning still wiping the sleep from MY eyes. I can’t imagine how he felt. Well, for me and the photo booth, it’s time to generate more business. I have an expo to attend this month. I am looking forward to that. My best friend helps me with it, so it is our time to chat and talk with each other, while having fun and helping others take some great pictures. I always love to hear my patrons laughing it up in the booth. That is my joy!! I really don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year for my business, I want to rock it out. Here’s to success!!